Stop Breaking Production

Dynamic checklists that prevent your team from forgetting the small things that lead to big problems

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Great for...

Oopsie Checks

Editing a schema file? Make sure you create a migration, up and down.

Process Guard Rails

Do frontend changes need to be ran by design before merge? Explicitly ask when UI files are changed.


Is a new engineer editing a generated file? Modifying a deprecated path? Give them a heads up before they ask for a review

Cross Team Communication

Do certain files or directories impact other teams? Make sure your teams talk to each other before they merge

No one likes being on call...

...particularly when you get called at 4am.
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Dynamic Checklists

Each item in a pull request can be displayed based on a whole host of criteria:

Filename, branch name, extensions, directories, even the content that was removed or added!


Checklists can be set as required, blocking all merge attempts until your team acknowledges each item in the list.

This can help codify your organizations knowledge and make sure no one accidentally breaks process or production again!

Any stack, Any Language

Pull Checklist works with any language and any repository.

It installs with click of one button. Making this one of the easiest integrations you'll ever use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from unit tests?

Pull Checklist goes beyond "Pass or Fail"

If a developer modifies a business-sensitive class, a class-specific checklist can remind them of common pitfalls or best practices for that area.

How are the checklists implemented?

After a Pull Request is created, a contextually relevant checklist is added as a PR comment.

Checklists are tailored to suit your workflow with specific conditions that can are easily managed.

Augment your memory

...which config value do we update for each deployment?
...why was that Class implemented so strangely last year?

It is hard to remember these answers all the time.

You don't need to anymore.

Pull Checklist helps hundreds of dev teams safely modify code that requires extra context and safety checks.

This is a tool for developers ~ by developers.


Michael Colley