Stop repeating yourself in PRs

Code-specific checklists as Pull Request comments

Trusted by 500+ customers to create over 10,000 Pull Checklists.

Tailored to areas of your codebase

Only surfaces checks that are specific to the code modified in the Pull Request.

Modified for your team's workflow

Checklists can act as a reminder or a hard blocker for merging Pull Requests.

Any stack, Any Language

Pull Checklist is technology and stack agnostic. Works with anything that utilizes Github.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from unit tests?

Pull Checklist goes beyond "Pass or Fail"

If a developer modifies a business-sensitive class, a class-specific checklist can remind them of common pitfalls or best practices for that area.

How are the checklists implemented?

After a Pull Request is created, a contextually relevant checklist is added as a PR comment.

Checklists are tailored to suit your workflow with specific conditions that can are easily managed.


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/ month/ month/ month
Checklist TypesAdd different checklists for respective use-cases or areas of your codebase.14Unlimited
Checklist ConditionsCustomize which conditions or areas of your codebase should trigger a Checklist.UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Protected Pull RequestsIf a Pull Request matches the conditions of a checklist type, that checklist is added to your PR comments in Github.1050500
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Augment your memory

...which config value do we update for each deployment?
...why was that Class implemented so strangely last year?

It is hard to remember these answers all the time.

You don't need to anymore.

Pull Checklist helps hundreds of dev teams safely modify code that requires extra context and safety checks.

This is a tool for developers ~ by developers.

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